Visual Art and Photography

“Farmland Sunrise”

Gretchen’s visual collages have also been published in various literary and arts magazines. Here are places where her art has appeared or will appear:



FIVE:2:ONE Fall Issue



cream city review Issue 42.1: “Predator and Prey” and “Puff the Magic Dragonfly”

Montana Mouthful Volume 1, Issue 3 “Haunting”: “Tangled Thorns”

Bear Review, Volume 5.1: “Mountain Driving”

Lady Blue Publishing, Issue 5, November 2018: “Creation” and “Remembering My Roots”

Spire Light Journal 2018 by Andrew College: “Rustic Rooftop” (Cover Photo) and “The Way the Wind Blows”

Lipstick Party Mag: Various

Bad Pony Issue One: “Claim to the Throne” in collaboration with Alexander J. Clark

Moonchild Magazine Issue One: Various selections in collaboration with Alexander J. Clark

Animal: “Eyes in the Grass”

Escapism Literary Magazine Summer 2017: “Gothic Autumn”, “Hopelessly in Love”, “Heaven and Earth”

Girlsense & Nonsense: Various selections

Memoryhouse (Clash): Cover photo and various selections

Typewrite: Various



Quail Bell Magazine (Selected):

“Altar” paired with “Down South” by Trista Edwards