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Since Election Day 2016, I spend each day trying to find the fine line between being informed and maintaining my sanity.

It’s not working.

As soon as Donald Trump had become the GOP front runner in the election, I began talking about him, his rhetoric, and the terror I felt at the possibility he would be elected. Over the last few months, my fears have come true.

Trump ran on a campaign of hatred and exclusion. Anyone expecting less from his administration hasn’t been paying attention. He’s a 70-year-old man who has never shown the capacity to change. He believes his intelligence and experience are “the best” and surrounds himself only with “yes people.”

No one can control him.

More importantly, he’s banking on the American people’s short attention spans and exhaustion.

Do you remember the disappearance (and murder) of Chandra Levy?

File:Chandra Levy.jpg

Her disappearance was all over the news…

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