The Perfect Cut


The Perfect Cut
by Gretchen Gales

Dora Faye stood in front of the camera.

“Okay, now twirl around … that’s it, Dora!”

The camera captured Dora’s tight, toned body in the blue taffeta fit and flair gown. Whimsically spinning, she blew a kiss towards the camera, and the flashes sparkled like the diamonds around her gold neck. Her longtime friend Thyme worked at a modeling agency in New York as a photographer. She got Dora the modeling gig with Lauren Fierro, the internationally acclaimed fashion designer. Thyme was skeptical about Dora working for the company. She had warned Dora about the fashion mogul, as she spent a large amount of time with her as she did the photoshoots.

“Whatever you do, don’t take any of her comments too seriously,” said Thyme, “Lauren has … high standards.”

Dora rolled her eyes.

“I’m being serious Dora. The way she cuts down her models…

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